Oakland Veterans Building
Oakland's Veterans Memorial Building
Lake Merritt Dance Center Inc.
200 Grand Avenue at Harrison
Oakland CA 94610
is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation dedicated to promoting a wide variety of dances and dance classes for all adults. LMDC sponsors weekly dances and collaborates with other non-profits, commmunity groups and dance instructors to offer a varied dance programs.

   Our normal hours of operation are
 Monday - Friday:          5:00 p.m. - Midnight
 Saturday and Sunday:  12:00 p.m. - Midnight
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For more information contact:
Gloria Anderson
   Program Director
   Phone: 510 504-2176
Email Address: lakemerrittdancecenter@gmail.com

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Lake Merritt Dance Center Inc. is located at 200 Grand Avenue, the Oakland Veteran's Hall, Oakland, CA 94610.
We are at the corner of Harrison and Grand Avenue.

We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting a wide variety of dances and dance classes for adults of all ages.

Our hours are:

Monday-Friday 5:00 pm to midnight
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 noon - 12:00 midnight
(LMDC is open on holidays)

It is the mission of the Lake Merritt Dance Center to provide an opportunity for adults to have a fulfilling social experience, the pleasure of artistic экскурсия в коломну из москвы, and the advantage of good exercise through ballroom dancing. We have five regular dances most months, plus a wide variety of classes, lessons taught by experienced professionals, and special dance events. We provide superior dance floors, attractive rooms, and excellent music throughout the over 9,500 sq. ft. of dance space. We have dance rooms located on 3 levels.

Our floors are as follows:

Grand Ballroom - Max 315 people. No Food or Drink in this room
Lake View Ballroom (upstairs) - Max 136
Lounge - Max 120
Hall 2 - Max 94
MPR - Max 62
Hall 3 - Max 53


Room Rental Information:

LMDC rents rooms for dance classes, dance practices, and dance parties which are open to the public.

We do not rent rooms for fundraisers, weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, fashion shows,
religious ceremonies, vendors, flea markets, etc.

Rooms must be used for dance activities.

Note that a security fee of $20/hour will be charged for 1 (one) security guard per each 100 persons per party.
A Room Damage security deposit may be charged.
The Room Damage deposit is refundable after room inspection.
In addition, a set-up (tables, extra chairs, etc.) fees may be required.

Payments must be by check (10 days in advance of room usage), or by cash 24 hours in advance of room usage.


A sound system consisting of speakers, a mixer and an amplifier is available in some rooms (Ballroom, Lounge, Hall 1, Hall 2).
There is no sound system in Hall 3 and the MPR (Multi-purpose Room).
Renters must bring their own microphone.
Renters must bring their own connecting cords and music devices (computer, CD Player, IPOD, etc.).
Note that only LMDC personnel is authorized to handle LMDC sound system equipment other than turning it on and off,
plugging in your devices and adjusting levels.

Renter must bring own tabletops (tablecloths, utensils, etc. when serving refreshments).
Tables must be covered when food and/or drink are served.
If you do not bring a tablecloth, we must provide one at a cost of $5 each.
There are 60 public parking spaces in the main lot in front of the building and 15 public parking spaces in the lot rear of the building.
There is a bicycle rack in front of building. No bicycles allowed inside the building.
There are bathrooms on all three levels of the building.


Rental rates for parties, workshops, etc. are listed on the Room Use Application.
Rental rates for classes, rehearsals, and privates are per hour and vary based on
the size of the room available and the number of people using the room.
The rental time must INCLUDE set-up and break-down time. The smallest unit of time is first one hour,
after which one-half hour can be added (1 hour or 1-1/2 hour, but not only 1/2 hour).
A Room User Application must be completed. It can be e-mailed by request, or picked up.
The Renter (room user) whose name is on the Room Use Application is responsible for all fees and
responsibilities associated with the room usage.

To Rent:

      send email to lakemerrittdancecenter@gmail.com.
      You may also call Gloria Anderson, Program Director, at 510-504-2176.
      Please allow for a 24-hour response.



If you want to cancel a scheduled room rental, you must give a 24-hours notice, otherwise you are responsible for all fees associated the time you booked the room.
If you are a long-term user and wish to cancel for a period of time (e.g. Christmas holidays, the month of July, etc.) you need to give a 30 days notice if you want to retain your time slot after your absence.

To Cancel:

       send email to lakemerrittdancecenter@gmail.com and (or) call Gloria Anderson at 510-504-2176


Information for Room Users:

If you need the windows and/or blinds opened, please see the Custodian at the Reception Desk on the main floor.
If you have an emergency or need assistance while using the building, contact the Custodian at the Reception Desk on the main floor.
For Lost and Found, please call 510-504-2176

LMDC reserves the right to cancel or relocate room users (renters) at any time.
We will try to give a 2-week notice.

Notice Regarding Alcohol Sales

LMDC does not allow the sale of alcohol on the premises

Notice Regarding Rental Policy

Please bring your own microphone - we do not provide them
Please bring a tablecloth for your table(s) if you are serving refreshments
Signs may not be affixed to our ballroom doors (this includes taping, nailing, and tacking)

Revised 11/1/14